Welcome to Coal-Drop.co.uk, the only online coal delivery service you’ll ever need to supply fuel for your home heating. We are approved coal merchants with over 50 years experience in the trade so you can be sure of a genuine and professional service.

Through our national haulage partners we supply coal, smokeless fuel, kiln dried hardwood logs direct to your home or work premises. All fuel orders can be delivered throughout mainland UK (England, Scotland and Wales) and will arrive usually within 5 days of ordering.

We offer quality products at very competitive prices, excellent customer service, national shipping and reliability.
Coal-Drop.co.uk will make the whole process of buying your fuel simple, safe and stress free.

Coal-Drop.co.uk prides itself on supplying QUALITY fuels that we GUARANTEE will perform excellently.
We NEVER SUPPLY POOR QUALITY or inferior products that will no doubt damage your appliances over time just to achieve the lowest price on the market.

“We don’t sell cheap products. We sell quality products cheaply!”

What heating appliance do you have?

Open Log Fire

Open Fire

Not much beats the roar and crackle of an open fire.
Our Housecoal, Smokeless fuel and Log products will ensure you have the perfect fire every time

Recommended Fuels

Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Each of these products will create the traditional open fire setting. If you need to burn smokeless fuel then our Multi Smokeless Fuel is the ideal substitute.

Stove / Log Burner

Multi-Fuel Stoves & Log Burners

Stoves are an efficient and cost-effective way to heat you home.
Get your fuel here.

Recommended Fuels

Smokeless Fuel
Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

We recommend using smokeless fuel or hardwood logs on your multi fuel stove as our smokeless fuel will slumber over night and not leave sooty deposits on your glass door.

Garden Chiminea

Patio Chiminea

Get long lasting fuel to keep your chiminea burning all through the evening.

Recommended Fuels

Smokeless Fuel
Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

A lit chimenea on your patio creates a really attractive feature for your garden parties. Whether your chiminea is ceramic or metal our products will provide the best fuel to get an excellent fire and plenty of radiating heat.

We recommend using our Kiln Dried Logs combined with our Multi Smokeless Fuel (optional) to increase the heat output.

Fire Pit

Fire Pits

Get longer lasting fuel to keep your social centerpiece emitting high levels of heat all night long.

Recommended Fuels

Smokeless Fuel
Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Fire pits and fire baskets provide a great way to stay warm on those cooler evenings. Whether you’re relaxing in your garden or camping with friends a fire pit is the perfect feature for a social setting.

Our  premium kiln dried hardwood logs, used either on their own or combined with our Multi Smokeless Fuel, will create an excellent fire that will generate lots of heat, an attractive yellow flame, very little smoke and a small ash reduction.

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